The crispy texture of Yat Lok's Roast Goose is crunchy, savory, and best paired with their homemade plum sauce. I captured many delicious shallow depth of field (SDF) shots on mouth-watering goose in the heart of Hong Kong. I love how quickly the tables turned and the chef smashed the geese open with a butcher knife. The chef has a band aid over his face from a war with the Bic razor it looked like. He was avoiding my camera on the night, but the chopping still needed to be done. I found the flesh. The juices splattered all over. My feet slid from left to right with each movement. The floor had rubber mats. Underneath the mats were fat soaked cardboard boxes. Such high volume in a small space made from constant cleaning and busing. It is a symphony of sounds and smells. I'm amazing by how they communicate. It's quick. It is efficient. And they are not used to a guy like me being this close. CRACK! I got some juices on my lens.

Not realizing, the chef keep waking away at the goose like Leatherface in Texas Chain Massacre. Oh all the umami glory is best had in person. Delicious. Greasy. A must have.

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