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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

production company: Mike TeeVee

agency: Experian's in-house agency 'The Cooler'

producers: Ellen Utrecht, Hannah Blackwell

associate producer: Ben Winston

dp/director: Danny Simmons

Throwing it back to a hot summer day at the iconic Universal City Walk. The day before this shoot I was in Cabo. I believe I rode a Sea-Doo if I don't recall. It was as gnar gnar as you'd think. Two days before, I was on a creative call with a margarita in one hand and a button-up shirt buttoned all the way down. I fully engaged work hard, play hard mode that day. Suns out guns out style. Side note - I like to deep dive into hedonism before tiptoeing back into reality, but I had to dial it back the next day because I had work the following morning in Los Angeles. Work with a new client from an old friend of mine, Ben Winston. He and I grew up playing baseball together. He hit dingers and so did I. Boom. We landed later than we should have, but the trip was fun.

It was cool working with my best friend and seeing the client be happy. I am so very thankful that Ben connected me with Mike TeeVee and their amazing team. Mike TeeVee is an amazing decoupled production company that is more than a tribe of geniuses, it's the first creative group of people I work for who I call my friends. I feel part of a team and I want to continue to see them succeed as they did with this testimonial campaign.

Mike TeeVee's latest work with Experian is a series of commercials with John Cena.

Here's an example of the testimonials we shot for Experian.

DP/Director Danny Simmons

I'm also adding links to the data for these spots. I think it's pretty interesting, what are your thoughts? Ispot.Tv aggregates ad spend and various forms of analytics for broadcast television commercials. If you'd like, they offer a free trial so you can go more granular. Looking at some of the ad spend on these spots is exciting. Some of them received over 1 billion television impressions.

This campaign was shot on the Sony a7sii with Canon L-series lenses. Tiffen ND and sony color science made for solid interview cameras. I ran off the same Anton Baur gold-mount battery the entire day. I found it was extra useful having the small HD 702 monitor. I'm genuinely happy how these spots came out.

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iSpot TV Data References

DP/Director Danny Simmons

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Mike TeeVee's latest spots for Experian feature Hollywood star John Cena.

A good temperament, a delightful gait, a gorgeous coat – and even a trip to Westminister. Just some of the things higher credit scores could get you, only with Experian Booooost.
The star power in Experian’s new TV campaign shows you the power to raise your credit scores instantly, only with Experian Boost.

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