Learn how RIJI RAJA overcame homelessness, cultural stigmas, and suicide on her journey to success

A day after news broke of Meghan Markle's struggle with mental health, this episode of The Broken Dove Podcast hits different. Riji Raja (Founder of Affirmation Darling, The Wrap Women Ambassador) discusses how she overcame homelessness, multiple suicide attempts, and cultural stigmas in her journey as a businesswoman and actress. While Riji is not royalty, her struggle with mental health is something I personally admire like the queen she really is. Trust this, she is on her way to the top so put a tiara on her pleeaasse Hollywood.

Riji’s episode perfectly captures the zeitgeist of 2021 and I’m excited for you to see how we cried and laughed our way into unpacking how Riji felt when she was struggling with her personal demons. Now, Riji is on a journey to the top - her business Affirmation Darling was inspired out of her darkest of hours with the intention to help others feel good and stay positive. She believes in the manifestation of thoughts - and her thoughts now are truly positive. Riji’s perseverance and endless smile ground the dark realities of suicide in something approachable and relatable.

I’m not sure why Riji opened to me about this for the first time, but I take it as a true blessing. I’ve been vulnerable about the war I’ve waged in my mind and perhaps one lamp is lighting the next. If you’re feeling down send me a dm or carrier pigeon I’m always here to talk and do my best to lift your spirit. We need YOU here on this planet! As Glennon Doyle says, WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish



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