Frame gang, check out some of the framegrabs from my shoot in Mexico City (CDMX) in 2019. Going back into this footage was fun knowing what I know now about color grading. Pulled out more of the midtones, blessed those highlights, and crushed the shadows. Bokehs on bokehs.


Based in Mexico City, Yolcan’s goal is to connect chinampas — or traditional floating farms — with responsible consumers, academics, and the best chefs in Mexico City, hopefully preserving their ancient farming techniques for generations to come.

They do so through hosting educational tours and multi-course meals at the Chinampa Del Sol in Xocimilco; providing sustainably grown produce to well-known CDMX restaurants like Pujol, Contramar, and Masala y Mais; and selling CSA produce baskets to chilangos. A trip down the waters in Xochimilco is a must-do if you can swing a day trip.

- Krista Simmons

Molino Pujol

It goes without saying that you’re going to be doing a ton of street food eating on this trip, and there’ll be no shortage of tacos. But the ones that Enrique Olvera is doing at his corn mill slash resto are something special. Plus, Molino is a more affordable and accessible way to experience Olvera’s cooking without having to do the whole tasting menu at Pujol. It’s really cool to see that they’re bringing back heirloom varietals of corn that are so important to this region’s ancient Aztec history, and serving fresh nixtamalized corn tortillas and bebidas to both locals and travelers alike.

- Krista Simmons

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