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The first time I met David Fisch, the producer, and editor on Suffer For Good, he had a Canon camera in his hand and smiled at my first Dad viral Gangnam Style Parody Video later and the rest is history! It was a creative bromance at first sight.


David Fisch is an editor and producer born, raised, and based in Los Angeles. Suffer For Good is David’s first feature-length project, as he is mostly known for his work in short-form documentary and television. He has frequently collaborated with director Danny Simmons, editing the Sterling K. Brown-produced pilot presentation Every Other Weekend in addition to several promotional and branded projects for Gold’s Gym and Beverly Hills. For Suffer For Good, David has won accolades for his work, including nominations and wins for Best Editing at film festivals in and around the U.S. While not a boxing fan himself, David is drawn to the energies and drive behind the athletes of sport, which is why Seb’s inspiring story was a perfect match for his editorial sensibilities. He is also an established concert and editorial photographer, with work seen in L.A. Record magazine, LA Times, and Grimy Goods.

Tune in to EP. 24 of Watchlist to hear David Fisch talk about the nuances of crafting a story through editing. His ability to handle various formats of media and style, while creating a cohesive aesthetic truly impressed me. His use of pacing, jump cuts, and emphasis on holding certain shots was essential to Suffer For Good's success. Listen for David here 53:07

photo: Melissa Karlin

David Fisch after screening Suffer For Good at Panavision, Woodland Hills.

photo: Danny Simmons

David Fisch of IDFI Media wearing an LA Dodgers hat and PPE in Ocean Park, Santa Monica the day Joe Biden was announced, president-elect.

This was an image from a most joyous day. A day when the city of angels finally took a collective breath of fresh air. Relief. The sun felt great on our skin and the breeze blew softly. David and I are both native Angelenos so it makes sense that we would find ourselves celebrating the end of the Trump administration by the beach. There's nothing that screams America like ordering two protein shakes and shaking a tail-feather to loud music blaring from cars passing by. Everyone was hanging out of their windows and slamming their horns in celebration. A cacophony of love was in the air. Much like my ode to David the "Angel Fish" Fisch.

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