Ode to Kobe

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to DP/Direct this feature alongside Luke Van Patten of Fox Sports. Working with Luke in the field was a dream come true. I've known LVP since I was four years old. We shared our first confession, communion, confirmation - you get it I've known him for quite some time now. I remember playing soccer with him on asphalt and the savage would slide tackle people during recess...he'd come back bleeding at his shins sporting a flowing period piece bowl cut and crooked smile...that's when I knew I loved the guy.

I remember getting in trouble at Luke's house for smacking cumquats with a racquetball at his neighbor's backyard pool. I was dropping nukes that day. Couldn't miss. That was the last time I was invited over.

Cut to 25 plus years later and we've made our first collaboration in a pandemic. I'm not sure how it came together, but we pulled it off seamlessly. Enjoy!

Kobe personified grit in every facet of his game, personal life, and foray into filmmaking. His talent was falling in love with the process - with the craft. Just like a painter, Kobe spent thousands of hours honing the perfect dribble, power angle, fade away, and spin. There’s an art to his game and I believe the city responded by painting these murals because he inspired us - and continues to do so today. I hope you enjoy our ode to Kobe and the art that was his life. RIP to the greatest to ever do it. We miss you.

Happy Mamba day.

Art by @isaacpelayo (Valley Muralist) @gz.jr (3rd Street Muralist) @jc.ro (Melrose Muralist)

directed by: @lucasvee produced by: @brokendoveproductions @lucasvee shot by: yours truly color: @nicksanders.tv

#kobe #kobebryant #lakers #losangeles #california #mambaday #LA

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