S1.E2 - JAMAL HILL (Team USA Paralympic Swimmer)

S1.E.2 Jamal Hill (Team USA Paralympic Swimmer) tells us the story of how he went from paralysis to Paralympic champion. In addition to a Gold Medal, Hill also has his eye set on teaching one million kids how to swim through his non-profit organization, www.swimuphill.org.

When Jamal Hill made it onto the Team USA Paralympic swimming roster in 2018, Jamal decided the best way to use his expertise, skills, and platform to truly serve others was by teaching one million people to swim around the world. Starting in LA, Hill had a dream of a global community where everyone could safely enjoy the experiences and opportunities that would come as a result of knowing how to swim. In this episode we quote some of our favorite comedy films, discuss how to overcome stigmas, the purpose of routine in exercise, and why we need to give back.

Featuring: Jamal Hill

Executive Producer

Ellen Utrecht Editor Meagan Solano Sound by Dory Bavarsky Artwork Niv Bavarsky Sponsored by kilo

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