The Covid-19 Series

with David Fisch

It's 4/20 and the US coronavirus death toll has just crossed 42,012 human beings. This is a truly sad day. The economy is in a complete downturn. U.S. Oil Prices have plunged into negative. They are literally paying for you take the 1,000 barrels off their hands. Death reports. Economic downturn. It's a travesty. 3,500 inmates were let out of jail last week. Wall Street is crumbling. Shooting in Hollywood is not expected to resume until August or even September. On the bright side, the weather is getting better. The sun is out and more people are wandering the streets now more than ever. Colorful California Poppies are a reflection of the eased burden on the environment. Maybe there are some positive unintended consequences of this quarantine.

Here's a dramatic shoot with one of my closest friends, David "D Fish" Fisch. David Fisch is a producer, editor, and concert photographer based out of Los Angeles California. He and I are frequent collaborators. We've worked together on countless videos, creative projects, and Zoom hangs. He and worked on Suffer for Good, Every Other Weekend, Showtime's Eat | See | Hear concert series, and countless other projects.

Typically David and I are filled with joy and laughter. Today is not that day. One thing is true however, we will forge forward and create soon.

photos by Danny Simmons


As always, this was shot on the Sony a7sii with vintage Pentax lenses.

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